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  • Mercury in Astrology
    08/11/2019 - Priya Kapil 0 Comments
    ​Planet MERCURY – Nature, Significations& positive/negative traits

    Mercury is most commonly known as the planet of communication. Mercury is a eunuch planet, neither masculine nor feminine. It is said that mercury generally takes on the characteristics of the planet that it gets aquainted with, so if with a benefic it can do many good things, but if posited with a malefic planet, it can behave negatively.

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  • Sun in Astrology
    08/11/2019 - Priya Kapil 0 Comments
    ​Planet SUN – Nature, Significations& positive/negative traits

    The Sun is the King of all the planets. Plants, animals, humans, we all depend on its light energy for survival, an Earth without the Sun cannot exist, it has great importance in both Astronomy and Astrology.The Suns nature is hot, fiery and bright. It therefore has the ability to both burn out whatever it touches, and blind them with its light- thus can be called a cruel planet and is known as a natural malefic.

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  • Saturn in Astrology
    08/11/2019 - Priya Kapil 0 Comments
    ​Planet Saturn – Nature, Significations& positive/negative traits

    Saturn is a cold and restricting planet, it is slow and disciplined. It teaches lessons through hard work and struggles, after which a person becomes stronger, wiser and more practical about life Saturn has a lot to do with justice and is a karmic planet, and the saying ‘what goes round comes round’,takes effect in a person’s life when there are significant Saturn transits

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  • Mars astrology
    08/11/2019 - Priya Kapil 0 Comments
    Planet MARS – Nature, Significations& positive/negative traits

    Mars is the fiery, red, hot planet and is known as the God of War in Greek mythology and known as Mangal in Vedic Astrology.Mars is a natural Malefic with the ability to cause great havoc in a horoscope. Yet it can be beneficial when it is theyogakaraka in a horoscope of Leo and Cancer ascendants.

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  • moon astrology priyakapil
    26/09/2019 - Priya Kapil 0 Comments
    Moon In Astrology

    The Moon is known for its magical, mysterious and supernatural significances from many ages, and in many cultures. Moon is used as a guide for festivals, calculating good muhurta

    for starting auspicious works, and used in many religions as a means to when to break a fast. Moon represents our mind and emotions and how we instinctively react to things.

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  • Ketu astrology priyakapil
    26/09/2019 - Priya Kapil 0 Comments
    Ketu In Astrology

    Ketu is the south node of the moon, known as the dragon’s tail. It is headless, therefore directionless. It is a shadow planet and is known for its spiritual qualities and the journey to attain salvation, moksha. Ketu is a detached planet, and therefore shows a detachment from certain things, depending on the house that it is sitting in the chart. Ketu is a natural malefic.

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  • Rahu astrology north node priyakapil
    26/09/2019 - Priya Kapil 0 Comments
    Rahu In Astrology

    Rahu is the north node of the moon, it is known as the head of the dragon, and is a shadow planet. It is mysterious, unexplained, explosive, and sudden in nature. It is a natural malefic planet, and always causes an affliction wherever it sits or aspects.

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  • Jupiter Astrology Guru PriyaKapilAstrology
    26/09/2019 - Priya Kapil 0 Comments
    Planet Jupiter

    Jupiter is the planet of all good things when placed favourably in the native’s birthchart. It is graceful, pure, kind and full of benevolence. It is the largest planet in the solar system, and it is no surprise, that it represents ‘big’ things and expansion.

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  • Venus in Astrology, venus and career, venus and health, venus remedies, venus debilitated, neechbang venus
    26/09/2019 - Priya Kapil 0 Comments
    Planet Venus

    Venus is one of the brightest planets in our solar system, it is always around a maximum of two zodiac signs away from the Sun. Venus is the planet of Love, beauty, arts, luxuries and attraction. Like Jupiter, it is also a guru, teacher and hence a counsel.

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