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Vedic Sky for August

Welcome to August!

We start the month with the Sun, King of the Solar System, in the sign of Cancer until the 16th August, after which it transits into its own sign of Leo where it feels strong and shines and spreads its benefic significations. . There is likely to be a relief to the cautious attitude we were seeing last month. However, until the 16th, there is still a need to make sure we check any applications to government organisations, manage interactions with senior managers and people in authority as the Sun is in opposition with Saturn until the 16th, which can indicate slight delays, rejections and confrontations.

The movement of Sun from a water sign into the fire element (Gandanta point) is likely to bring a few internal frustrations around the 15th/16th when self realisation turns into making more active plans on moving forward which can be outside the comfort zone for some. Overall, as Leo is a fixed sign,
this transit is positive as it brings stability.

Mercury starts the month in Gemini but will have a double dip movement, first moving into Cancer on the 2nd of August, and then into Leo on the 17th. The stay in Cancer is likely to cause a sense of restlessness, wanting to do more, but not knowing how to, not believing in self capabilities. But this will turn out to be a period of reflection and proactive planning which will then spin into action when Mercury enters Leo along with the Sun. This will be a good and positive period indicating a feeling of stability and being stronger.

Venus will finally leave its own sign of Taurus and enter Gemini on the 1st August. Venus has been very comfortable in Taurus since March, and has given ample time to think of existing and future relationships, especially through its retrograde over May. Now it enters Gemini and joins Mercury and Rahu. This will be an interesting period as it is also opposite Jupiter and Ketu. With regards to the economy, there will be less financial support freely available, and with the Rahu and Mercury conjunction, there is likely to be almost misleading information on what exactly are the true offers on the table. This has already been seen with things like the lead up to beauty salons opening up, and now a retraction;

Venus representing beauty and luxury joining Rahu the shadow planet that does not care much for appearance has surely hindered the pamper and primping. To strengthen the Venus and increase its benefits, do make an effort with having a clean and crisp appearance as much as possible. Ensure
that due diligence is carried out if in talks about any contracts and loans etc.

There can also be illusions around area of relationships, avoid situations that can rock the boat. There will be some that try to playdetective in this  transit, the advice would be to emotionally stabilise yourself and try to maintain a practical stance.

Mars continue in Pisces at the start of the month and will then move into its own sign of Aries for the rest of August. This is also a positive movement and will add direction and a more assertive flavour to mindsets than there has been while it passively floated in Pisces since June. The only thing to be aware of is that this placement brings spontaneity to make plans and then make some more and some more, but not actually follow through actively. So advice is to ensure plans are Specific-Measurable-Attainable-Realistic-Timely – SMART.

Jupiter will remain retrograde in Sagittarius, its own sign for the rest of the month. This is a stronger position as it gives positive energy and luck in the area it represents in the chart. For many people it will increase the chances of meeting someone if single, get better luck in Job applications, uplift in business etc compared to the last 8 months when it has been in Capricorn which is its sign of debilitation- use the current period to your advantage to work hard and push through as many of your objectives as possible. Things may start to feel a bit more free flowing, at least until November.

Saturn remains retrograde in Capricorn, slow and steady wins the race, but in my opinion it’s a steady and planned approach that will get you ahead. Persevere, have patience and don’t lose sight of the bigger picture. This will help to keep you moving forward.

Rahu and Ketu remain in the signs of Gemini and Sagittarius respectively.

There is also a specialness to the start of the month as the auspicious occasion of Raksha Bandhan is on the 3rd August. This Full moon day is called Shravan Purnima and aswell as marking the completion of the sacred month of Shravan, it also highlights the purity of love and bonding between siblings and a sense of protection that the word ‘family’ emulates.

Have a blessed Month!

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