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Vedic Sky for September

Welcome to the month of September! 

There are some excitingchanges that will start to take place from this month!

The Sun will be moving out of Leo into the sign of Virgo on the 16th and remain there for the rest of the month. This will indicate efforts to bring more order into daily routine, starting ‘get fit’ plans, home projects and general focus on getting things into ORDER. This is especially relevant for students and parents sending children back to school.

Mercury will be moving into Virgo at the start of the month on the 2nd, which is its own house and its sign of exaltation, giving the ability to make more informed and logical decisions. It will feel as if communication means, transport and technology, the way information is received and communicated are all running more efficiently and effectively.

Jupiter will remain in Sagittarius BUT it will finish retrograde motion and become progressive on sept 13th. This is in line with the time when Sun and Mercury are both in the sign of Virgo. Jupiter represents Guru - our teachers, and mercury is intellect. With these planets being in favourable positions after so many months, we will finally see the education and schooling system restarted and it WILL BE POSITIVE!

The Sun being in the sign of Virgo will encourage everyone to be extra vigilant about cleanliness as Virgo is often known for its OCD about hygiene and cleanliness. Hence I have confidence that back to school is going to be positive.

Jupiter gaining its dignity in its own sign and now out of retrograde represents our Gurus (teachers) back in control and bringing a sense of order back into lives with parents being able to better manage their work life balance.

Mars will remain in Aries but it will become retrograde on sept 10th. This represents revisiting our goals and reassessing where we are. I actually think this is a good thing as we are now accepting lifestyle changes with this pandemic and are working out ways of how we can move forward with our objectives positively.

Venus the planet of love & beauty will be entering Cancer on 1st sept – it is a time of much needed self love. The last few months Venus transits have caused us to think so much about our partners, relationships, finances and not really focus on loving ourselves – even the covid restrictions have meant that beauty and self care have had to take a back seat! But now being in the nurturing and emotional sign of the crab, it is time to think about ourselves.

Saturn will continue in Capricorn but will also end retrograde motion on sept 29th. This will mean that things that felt stuck on a professional or project level will finally start to move forward for many.

The other BIG change that is happening this month which we have all been waiting for is the MOVE OF RAHU & KETU!! AFTER 18 MONTHS!
RAHU transits to TAURUS on Sept 23rd !!
KETU transits to SCORPIO on Sept 23rd!!
This is going to bring a massive change for everyone. These shadow planets have been very much involved in the development of and restrictions brought about by the pandemic. Rahu and Ketu create mysterious issues, also known as parasites and viruses they have characteristics that no one understands.

Rahu entering Taurus which is a fixed earth sign will definitely bring grounding and hopefully containment of the dreaded virus, where previously it has been in Gemini a moveable air sign with no boundaries. Ketu will be in Scorpio the water sign, hoping the magic liquid administered in the form of a vaccine will miraculously make its way forward very soon in this transit over the next few months. I will do another detailed article on the affect of the new Rahu Ketu transit on all the individual horoscope signs in the coming week as it’s such a big topic.

All in all, I am very excited about this month’s planetary transits. It is a lot of positive change overall and the impacts will be so visible with children going back to school, teachers getting strength, parents being able to get some sanity, businesses starting to realign with their goals, and hygiene and protection being the key priority for everyone – all in the month of Virgo the sign most obsessive about order and cleanliness!

Have a blessed Month!

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