Personalised Astrology Consultations

Astrology phone consultation

 Phone Consultation

£40 /£60/ £80

Speak to Specialist Vedic Astrologer Priya Kapil about your personalised horoscope chart. Find out answers to your questions with remedial measures as necessary..

Vedic Horoscope Report

Horoscope Report


A detailed horoscope report personalised using your birth details.  Analysis of your personality, nature, emotional instincts as based on  your Ascendant rising sign and Moon sign. Your nature in love as through analysis of the planet Venus placement in your birthchart and...

Singles Love Horoscope

Singles Love Report £150

This Horoscope report is for you if you are single and looking to know more about when you will meet the right person, what type of person you are likely to attract, and what your nature in love is all about, (along with the good/bad traits of your ascendant sign...

Marriage Compatibility horoscope astrology report

Marriage Compatibility Report £250

This report looks at the horoscopes for both the partners and evaluates how well suited they are together. This is for married couples and those looking to get married. Indepth analysis of your natures, emotional needs, any key marriage issues and timings of significant periods in the next couple of years...

Career Horoscope Report

Career Horoscope Written Report £150

Career is such an important part of our life. In todays world we spend more time in our jobs and workplace than with our own families. So it is so important to make sure we are happy in what we chose to do, and we do it with ease and not struggle. Career report can show you which field your strengths and weaknesses are in, and you can adapt your approach with the help of knowing what suits you...

Astrology questions

Ask Your Own Personal Questions Report

This report is for you if you want to know about a specific question(s) that you have in mind on whichever area you like. Reports will be personalised to answer each individual question catered ...

childrens astro

Children's Astrology for Parents £40

This phone reading is to help you understand more about your Child's nature and their developing personality. Using astrology you can find out what areas they may need encouragement on and ...

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