Nazar Protection Resin Smudge

by Priya Kapil


Package including Energised Nazar Protection Loban resin and mixture of sacred herbs created by Priya Kapil - £13 plus £3 P&P.

Many people are impacted by the cycle of the Moon, a lot of my clients agree when I link their moods to the moon in their birthchart and how they can get particulary anxious around the time of the new moon and full moon. Some people are naturally more prone to other peoples energies and therefore to protect themselves and their home it is useful to cleanse their environments by rituals such as smudging.


To help clear negative energies, nazar/evil eye and promote peace in your environment it is useful to burn certain resins including Loban and Guggal to purify the environment. This helps to release the negativity and disturbing vibes. It promotes a calming atmosphere and has a lovely aromatic fragrance from the smoke that it emitted which should be taken around the different rooms in the house. This process is also known as smudging.


I normally make this mixture for smudging using special quantities of sacred herbs in addition to the loban and guggal along with certain mantras, puja to help my clients that are going through certain spiritual disturbances, impact of nazar.


Nazar and negative vibes can result in any changes in energies including constant arguing in the house, marital disharmony, sudden or frequent illness, low moods, children not settling etc. This can indicate that the environment is affected and therefore taking this burning resin mixture around the house whilst put on a burning coal tablet will release a pleasant aromatic smoke that helps to protect the home and family. This will also help those that find they are more affected around the times of the full and new moon.


With this Nazar and protection resin I infuse it with mantras and prayers that I personally carry out whilst preparing it with good intentions with the divine universal energy so that it fills positivity in the home. Burning a small teaspoon of this smudge on a charcoal tablet ( charcoal not included) will help to keep good energies in your home environment.


It is £13 for 50g pack plus £3 P&P.  this will last approximately 11 uses. Instructions will be provided.




50g Pack £13 plus £3 P&P