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Name: Parul Saxena


Date Of Birth: 12/12/1987

Place Of Birth: Lucknow

Time Of Birth: 11:22 PM

Subject: Job

Message: Mam i need to ask its been almost complete an year of being jobless. i desperatly want job..plz when i have the good job opportunity this month?

Hi Parul,

You have a Leo Rising chart aswell as being a Leo Moon sign. You are a generous, warm hearted person that doesn’t like to keep a grudge against anyone. You are emotional and can be hot tempered but you calm down very quickly. You are sensitive and your image means a lot to as does your family , they are your pride.

Firstly you have been suffering emotionally for the last year, and a situation has come about in your job where because of other people, and the harsh environment, you were either made to leave or had to leave
yourself for more bigger reasons.

Rahu has been transiting in your 1st house since beginning of this year and has caused you to lose a great deal of confidence and become totally demotivated. This is NOT YOUR FAULT, as you may be feeling
its because of something you have done. Its not your fault, it’s the situations result. So don’t beat yourself up over it.

Also Rahu has been giving you a second guessing type of nature where you are thinking one thing but the reality is something else. There are a lot of illusions being created where the truth of the matter infact is quite different. I would not trust everything people say, but also at the same time be sure to ground yourself and not get carried away with ideas that are just coming out of no where in your mind. Be practical in all senses. This is important in this transit.

Saturn has also been stuck in your 4th house, directly looking at your 10th house of career which has further exacerbated the condition.   You may have been looking for jobs and going for interview, but it is likely you would not have passed the final stages, as the jobs would have been different to your skill sets or the qualifications that you have. 

Saturn is moving into Sagittarius in the coming week, and this will bring about some changes which will get the ball rolling again. My advice would be that stay calm, and use this time to develop your confidence again. You need to  motivate yourself and maybe think of alternative things that you might like to do.

You may be able to take a temporary or contract type of role at the moment,but it will be one that is less than your expectations, and not to your liking. Things will improve after January is complete when Saturn has moved properly into Sagittarius which is then not influencing your 10th house, so this will help in securing ‘a job’ of some sort within early part of next year, but as I said it will not be to your 100% satisfaction and liking. I would advise that you still do take whatever you get offered and pass your time.

You are likely to get a better option for job after September 2017. Until then use this time to build up experiences and set in place the foundations of what your 'ideal' job is.

Good luck & God bless.

Priya Kapil

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Priya Kapil

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