Aries : November Month Horoscope

Health & Well being:

You start the month feeling agitated; it is a good time to take up meditation or alternative therapies to keep yourself calm and grounded. You may consider doing mantra recitation. The change of Jupiter into your 9th house will make you think of regaining your sense of spirituality as it joins Saturn and Ketu that are already transiting there.


You may feel you are due a promotion but it might not be the right time for changes. Be aware of how you come across to seniors and avoid conflicts.

Love life

You may feel you are being controlled or dominated - be sure that this is not just your perception of the situation and review your own behaviour before reacting this month. With Mars, debilitated Sun and retrograde Mercury, all transiting your 7th house of marriage and relationships, you may be feeling the pressure. Don't make any key decisions until after the 25th.

Written by

Priya Kapil

Priya Kapil is a Vedic astrologer, specialist in birthchart/ horoscope analysis, marriage compatibility, detailed career horoscope analysis, financial horoscopes, annual and long term predictions, using traditional remedies.