Pisces : January Month Horoscope

Health & Well being:

Happy New Year Pisces! You have had a stressful few weeks on the homefront and may start the month feeling drained. Assert yourself as nothing is lost that you cannot gain back. This month is about gaining back control and you have to believe this. If you experience any chest pain or stomach/back related issues, do get checked out by the appropriate healthcare practitioners. Things will start to become more stable towards the end of the month.


Jupiter now gaining momentum in your 10th house of career means you will be having many ideas about how you can expand your business or get more out of your job. Plan those goals and set timelines for achieving them. It is all possible now. If you are applying for any new jobs then wait until after the 14th when Jupiter~Ketu exact conjunction has taken its course- anything before then can prove confusing.

Love life

You may be feeling that your lovelife has been neglected for so long. Much of this is because there have been so many other things going on that have demanded your prioritised attention. This month it will remain much the same but it doesnt mean that you cant plan ahead and try to build in some special moments to keep the flame ignited. 

Written by

Priya Kapil

Priya Kapil is a Vedic astrologer, specialist in birthchart/ horoscope analysis, marriage compatibility, detailed career horoscope analysis, financial horoscopes, annual and long term predictions, using traditional remedies.