Scorpio : November Month Horoscope

Health & Well being:

You start the month with Jupiter in Gandanta - this means process of changing signs from scorpio to sagittarius. This feels unsettling but by the end of the first week you will feel better. You will be in the mood to spend money on luxury items for yourself with venus in your sign for most of the month. Spend with caution. This is a time for pampering and making yourself feel good.


You will miss out on opportunities relating to promotion or new roles you had been hoping for. Learn from these experiences instead of getting negative. Do not apply for anything new until after the 17th nov as lord of career in your chart is weak right now.

Love life

There are likely to be issues ongoing relating to your inlaws or partners family. These should start to subside by middle of the month. Remain calm and try not to let the scorpio sting rear its head too much. Expenditure will be high. If single, you will have chances to meet someone special.

Written by

Priya Kapil

Priya Kapil is a Vedic astrologer, specialist in birthchart/ horoscope analysis, marriage compatibility, detailed career horoscope analysis, financial horoscopes, annual and long term predictions, using traditional remedies.