Virgo : November Month Horoscope

Health & Well being:

You may be suffering from frustrations on the family and homefront, with your ruler mercury in retrograde joined with a debilitated sun. Try to remain calm and controlled and look at situations from all perspectives. Sometimes not taking things too seriously is the best way.


You may be thinking of changing jobs, hold off any major decisions till after the 25th. Those not in a job will consider new ventures which can manifest towards the end of the month if you plan smartly and give yourself timed deadlines to achieve your objectives.

Love life

Interference from a third person is possible at this time that causes concern within your relationship. Try not to make small issues into big mountains as they will be hard to climb. Instead, let things cool and pass this time. Situations will begin to improve towards the last week of the month.

Written by

Priya Kapil

Priya Kapil is a Vedic astrologer, specialist in birthchart/ horoscope analysis, marriage compatibility, detailed career horoscope analysis, financial horoscopes, annual and long term predictions, using traditional remedies.