Virgo : January Month Horoscope

Health & Well being:

Happy New Year Virgo! The short answer is , yes things will start to impove! You have had a rough couple of months with a cluster of planets in your 4th house of family, home and mental peace. The disturbance of last weeks solar eclipse has had a toll on your emotional well being. However with Sun, Mercury and Saturn shifting out of this area towards the end of the month, you will feel a gentle relief coming.  Be emotionally strong around the 10th when the lunar eclipse revisits some of the issues you had last week, but be assured it will be for the best in the end. Take up meditation or prayers to your higher power.


With the Sun, Mercury and Venus all in your 5th house from the 13th, you will be a power house of ideas and creativity. You will be noticed by seniors and your work will receive  honourable mentions. Business will start to gain back momentum from the third week of January. Saturns change of sign on the 24th will relieve some of the pressure on your 10th house of career and you will feel more flexible than you have been for a while.

Love life

Venus in the 5th house of love and romance will bring some nice treasured moments to come your way. Use this time to rebuild bridges with your partner and make the effort to spend quality time together. 

Written by

Priya Kapil

Priya Kapil is a Vedic astrologer, specialist in birthchart/ horoscope analysis, marriage compatibility, detailed career horoscope analysis, financial horoscopes, annual and long term predictions, using traditional remedies.