Priya Kapil

About Priya Kapil - the person

Priya Kapil is an expert professional Vedic astrologer who is dedicated to providing positive empowerment through personalised predictions using the ancient art of Vedic Astrology. With an impressive track record of astrology articles, blogs and a portfolio of highly recommended client reviews, her services are exceptionally sought after in this field. She also specialises in precious gemstones.


"Using your date, place, and time of birth, I can delve into your personal horoscope and birth chart, helping you to understand yourself and the issues that may be surrounding you. Unlike the generalised forecasts that often appear in newspapers and magazines, your astrological birth chart is specific to you and holds the key to your life path. I can guide you by using the specific timings highlighted in your horoscope to give you periods to watch out for, allowing you to make the most of opportunities that come your way. 


As well as giving you an analysis of points in your past, I will give you a forecast of the coming few years and a personalised prediction which is unique to your birth chart. All of this comes with any remedial measures that I feel will truly benefit you.

My principles in Astrology are that information should be used to help empower you to make the best use of your strengths, and be able to develop any areas that you need to work on. In this way I use Astrology to help guide you through challenging times in life.

More about Priya Kapil

I have had a huge passion for Astrology since I was 10 years old. It’s an interest that has been deep-rooted. I always found myself reading horoscopes and stars in books, magazines and wherever I could find them. This meant that I developed a strong knowledge base about what each zodiac sign was about and how to interpret charts. This went on to develop to a more focussed research as I got older, and it wasn’t until I was 17 that I had my first personal Vedic astrology reading. I was blown away with how accurate it was. This pushed me into learning the art of ancient Vedic Astrology.

At university I gained a First Class Honours degree in BA (Hons) Business Information Management & Finance, and then went onto studying a professional accounting qualification and become a Chartered Management Accountant. Alongside my accounting qualification, i also joined a course with the British Association of Vedic Astrology (BAVA) where I solidified my fundamental understanding of Vedic Astrology. 


I have worked for some other psychic platforms in both the UK and India, and have been part of a number of astrology related forums on Facebook. I also have a Facebook page (@priyakapilastrology)  where I regularly post astrological updates.


I provide a number of services including Phone reading consultations aswell as detailed written reports.

Over the years I have continued my research through study and seeing clients. Some things in life are meant to happen, and for me Astrology is definitely one of them!


Contact me today, in Hayes, Middlesex, to utilise my reliable, trustworthy capabilities as a Vedic astrologer.