Testimonials & Reviews

"Very Accurate Reading"

This is a very accurate reading mam...!!! Thank you very much for cautioning me about the future events mam will keep this in mind..!!! Thank you very much for taking out time to read out my horoscope and present it in a beautiful manner.

Abhilash Das

"Really Accurate"

The analysis of my chart done by Priya Kapil was really accurate. The descriptions of my nature were bang on. Thank you for such a detailed analysis.

Aparna Das

"Thanks Priya"

Thanks Priya... I wanna keep it simple... Priya Kapil you are not just an astro adviser but a beautiful humble human being with a heart of gold! God Bless!!

Sanjay Saran

"Impressive and Accurate"

Priya I will be in touch soon for an updated reading. You did a reading for me some years ago, impressive and accurate. Uncovered some interesting thought provoking things for sure..

Navdeep Mehta